Wednesday, March 10, 2010

first official order of business!!

oh canadian gift and trade show... i am a new woman after experiencing you.  i didn't know such things could exist, and in such bounty!  i am such a jerk, i should have taken more photos of the actual merchandise for sale, but i was afraid of hurting someone's feelings/getting caught.  luckily i had adriana of true blue vintage there to keep me company.  please enjoy the photos of this very momentous, very professional occasion.

cherr(e)y bus!


better lunch

scenic malton

not the cherry bus

ps- we were on so many busses because the trade show was SO huge that it was at two different conference centres that you had to take shuttles between.  unfortunately for us, only one of the buildings was good, and it was the second one we went to. all in all, going to this trade show aged me some years, but i did find a lot of good stuff (after many many hours), i got to eat a chili dog (adriana MADE me), and i took three different buses in one day including a very decadent GO bus ride to union station from malton. 

fingers crossed

welcome to my blog for russet and empire.  i am in the process of opening a new store in the junction,(toronto) but while i play the waiting game for the perfect location , i figured i should get the ball rolling and start blogging about opening the store and hunting for awesome stuff to put in it.  hopefully by the time the store opens i will have a dazzled all of you readers into coming down and breaking down the door to the store and buying every last item in the store. 

see you soon!