Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Gold Necklaces

....we still have the usual suspects like acorns, four leaf clovers and maple leaves but look at these pretty ladies

single and double maple keys and mini pinecone

a real seahorse, thats right

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Closing Early Today to go to the CNE

Tonight we are shutting 'er down early (5pm) to go to the Canadian National Exhibition. I'm not sure why it is called that , since I think every major city in Canada has one...never the less, it will be my son's first time so there will be lots of petting zoo, kiddie rides and food building and not so much buying awesome junk, beer garden, and going on the Polar Express (that gets capitalized of course!). That will be saved for a separate time.

The polar express is by far my favourite time of the whole year, better than Christmas, better than birthdays. It's like all of the fun of those days, squashed into 2 minutes, or half of a song on virgin radio where a girl is singing about 'taking me higher' with bass deafening you and a guy with 'summer teeth' yelling into a mic about going faster. Like I said, best time of the year.

All of these lovely photos are from here (except the polar express, that is from my heart)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Antiquarians

I am sad to admit that I have been revisiting this new york times article for TWO YEARS. Considering how much content is put up in the internet everyday, I think that two years is a pretty significant amount of time.  I wrestle between this look( walls covered in taxidermy and art, dark colours) and all white, modern, and sparse.  I THINK I have managed to represent both looks in the store, but I have a feeling that when the leaves start turning, things are going to start getting dark and cozy in here. I even already have a line on some vintage antlers!

OK, feast your eyes on this-

PS- I know a great shop that sells those typeset drawers....

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Paper Moon Portaits

Hurray! Here are the paper moon portraits that were taken at the Junction Design Crawl! Everyone looked divine and I'm pretty convinced that the kids in the Junction are the most adorable in the land.

Paper Moon Portraits
Click on the picture of the pretty lady in the moon above to see all of the thumbnails and to upload your own portraits.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On trade shows...

Yesterday I hit up the Christmas Gift Show, if you can believe it, looking for new ideas, products, and inspiration in general. Sadly most of the booths looked like this*:

And that is just the average, which means there were booths that were worse, MUCH worse. Happily, there were some great booths as well like our buddies at Schoolyard, who won some sort of award that I heard them announce over the loudspeakers ( I don't know what it was for, but considering there are literally THOUSANDS of vendors there, congratulations are in order).  I did manage to find a few nice new things, and all from vendors in the GTA which is nice.

Also, at trade shows you have to prepare like you are going on the amazing race-dress in layers because the air is probably cranked, wear the most comfortable shoes ever (so basically you look like shit while everyone else is all pretty in their heels and pencil skirts), pack healthy snacks because otherwise you are going to pay 4 dollars for a halloween-sized bag of sour cream and onion chips,  bring magazines because you have to ride shuttle buses, and bags with comfortable straps for the 50 pounds of catalogues that you are going to be carrying around for the next 6 hours.

Basically- replace 'city hall' with 'gift show':

See what I do for you guys?  You can thank me later by bringing me a latte and a chocolatine next time you come in, and stay tuned for all of the new stuff thats coming to the shop thanks to this show! You are welcome <3

Also, I will be addressing the Design Crawl this week once I get the photos back from the paper moon, so sit tight.


* so you aren't actually allowed to take pictures at the show and you can't even sneak them because the split second you go near someone's booth, even if you OBVIOUSLY not interested, the sales person is all up in your grill (because that is there job...)  anyway, this is the only picture I dared to take because I am a total puss

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Junction Design Crawl

The aforementioned title is the reason I have been neglecting this poor little blog, I have been busy blogging over at !  The crawl is only two sleeps away and it is shaping up to be a big night with lots of great events hosted by your favourite Junction area design shops.  Everyone seems to be pouring their creative hearts and souls into this project and I am very proud to be taking part in it.

Over at our shop, we are hosting a paper moon photo booth and collaborating with Philippa C Photography. Portraits will be available to download on our website OR available to purchase as medium format polaroids right on the spot.  Also, I'm sure we will have some sort of baked goods and lemonade just to continue the1930s carnival theme, because we are perfectionists like that.  All of the  business that are taking part in the night will be stringing white lights up outside to let the crawl-goers know that there's a party inside, and YOU are invited!

Please go to the Junction Design Crawl website to check out all of the details.  See you Friday!