Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And we're back

After a nice little vacation I'm back in the store today, but still in relaxation mode. If you came in last week and desperately wanted a fox tea cup, you are in luck because I just found one hidden in the back!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Hours+Decorating Ideas

Please note that Russet and Empire will be closing early tomorrow (4pm), and re-opening Wednesday December 29th.  If you have a gift emergency, or need a killer mimosa recipe, please drop us a line at . Peace(on earth) out!  

I also can't help sharing the images below of a beautifully decorated house. If you still need to decorate like me and are looking to get away from the green and red this is definitely something to consider:

All images via Design Sponge

Looking for a last minute gift for your Lovie?

May I present to you the 'Love is Blind' vase by Jessica Lertvilai. On the suface of the vase is a love letter that has been translated into braille, even double checked by the CNIB. The vases are made right here in Ontario, and the designer Jessica is a graduate of Sheridan College and York University. Local AND Lovely, what more could you want in a last minute gift?

In case you were wondering, the beautiful flowers are by Coriander Girl on Queen St W.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MoMA Modern Playhouse

Due to the Toronto Star's last minute gift guide we have run out of the MoMA Modern Playhouse buuuuuut, before you go freaking out I have managed to have some flown in for tomorrow morning. I know how you guys freak out over your modernist minatures...

If you would like to reserve a playhouse, please drop us a line, or call the store at 416.649.0042

Friday, December 17, 2010


It's getting hot in here! You people cleaned me out with your Christmas mania so I did an emergency mega-order today. I went out on a limb and ordered some new products that I think will turn the mania into full-on hysteria. Allow me to present my case:

Exhibit A:
Boeing  airmail laptop sleeve from Red Canoe. $25

Exhibit B:

Mustache Handkerchiefs from Avril Loreti. $15 each. I could only wrangle a few of these from her so act fast!  

Exhibit C:

Donut Totes-$25 I feel that I could rest my case right here. I looooove these heavy canvas totes, again from Avril Loreti. We also have donut hankies if mustaches aren't your thing.

Exhibit D:
Bateau scarf from Red Canoe $29. I saw a handsome man at a bar wearing one of these last night, so I thought I should get it...

Exhibit E:
Now I don't want to blow your minds, so brace yourself for

3D Wrapping Paper from Kid Icarus $14. 3 sheets of 3D Canada Geese, 3 sets of 3D glasses. Thats all I need to say about that.

So, I'll see you all tomorrow?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Guess who's here!

Well, it's me, Leah...

But more importantly, the Brother & Sister Cruet from IMM Living is FINALLY here at the store!!
 $33 each

Attention bear-lovers! In case the hidden fox and owl teacups weren't quite you're thing, we have now have these lil' guys!
$20 each

We also got more foxes and owls in, so if you were bummed that we sold out, head on over! It's a beautiful day in the Junction... if you're into grayness... and scattered flurries. Haaaaaa.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Coriander Girl

$5 bunch!
the lady in question

I did just write a big post and then blogger crashed and erased EVERYTHING. Including photos. But that was kind of awesome because it forced me to go back through the Coriander Girl blog archives for my favourite photos. Alison is the lovely lady behind Coriander Girl, and a major inspiration to me in my business. At Coriander Girl you can purchase a STUNNING bouquet of locally grown flowers. None of that $50 for a bouquet of roses with baby's breath filler that were grown in Peru and sprayed with synthetic rose scent (that is a real thing found at pretty much every corner store). At Coriander Girl, you can bring in your own vessel and Alison will use her expert eye to make you an extra special custom bouquet, or you can drop buy and pick up a $5 premade posie.  The outside of the store looks like it is straight out of a Dickens novel, and the inside isn't too shabby either! I think the pictures speak for themselves, so I will stop gushing now... as long as you promise to check out her blog right now.

Genius Idea!

Isabela over at Fieldguided just wrote a post about crafting a fur stole she bought here at the shop, and making it into the most beautiful pair of earmuffs of all time. I have been wanting a pair of fur earmuffs since I living in Montreal seven whole years ago. Check out her post here. Also check me out with my new earmuffs next week. We have lots of fur collars/stoles left for $25 to keep your necks, and now ears nice and toasty! 

Lomography Photo Albums

Lomography Photo Albums $25 double $20 single

These beautiful albums from Lomography, makers or the Diana+ camera sold here in the shop, are sized to fit 1 or 2 35mm shots per page perfectly. With an embossed image of their iconic LC-A camera, they are a far cry from the horrible albums that are available now. You know the ones, they have dreamy images of butterflies and have the words 'dream' and 'imagine' written on them in sickening curvaceous script. These albums give you an excuse to finally decongest that memory card and get something printed for once in your life! Don't deny it!   

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To the lovely woman who bought the provincial glasses this morning...

I forgot to give you your Crema gift card! Next time you come by please remind me to give it to you!

I kinda like it here Coasters

I think a lot of people have already seen these on blogTO, since I have been getting  phone calls all morning for them, but I figured I should still represent!

These laser-cut lovelies come in sets of four.  You can go all Toronto, or the multi-city 4 pack of Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Ottawa. Made right here in Toronto by The National Design Collective, whom I feel are giving me a run for my money in the 'regal sounding name department'.
Canadian Cities Coasters $40

Friday, December 10, 2010

Port-a-Pug!!!!!!!!! (and other kid's stuff)

port-a-pug $20

As you can see by this chart on the back of the Port-a-Pug's dog house, owning this 3D carboard pug is FAAAAAAR superior to owning a real pug. 

We also have these beautiful books from Dwell Studio and a book that we have been trying to get in forever, called Andy Warhol's Colours. It's never to early to start the little'uns off on good design!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

shop Russet and Empire this x-mas (because Dufferin Mall is the WORST, really)

Hello all,

Leah here.
So, it's Thursday and it's sunny! A beautiful day to shop in the Junction. Stop by the empire and say hello to me. I'll be here all day listening to Best Coast and making a dress, I mean working... behind the counter! The photos from BOWS & ARROWS look awesome, did you see? P.S. I did some paintings using the same characters from the poster and they're up at a gallery on Queen as part of a group show! Me and, fellow featured artist, my mom, are attending the opening tonight when I close up shop! EXCITING!



see the other 2 here.

I guess that's all for now, kids... I'm gonna go test-drive the tricycle in the window. (kidding... maybe)

Love Leah

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bows and Arrows Glitter Photobooth!

The moment you have all been waiting for! The night was a success! Lots of hats, great music, and red velvet cupcakes were enjoyed by all. Check out the slide show below of the DIY photobooth, or look at the gallery HERE. If anyone has any photos from the night, please feel free to share them (Duarte ahem).

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shop Local Promotion

Come to Russet and Empire and spend $35 and we will give you a $5 voucher  to spend on whatever your heart desires at Crema (I suggest a latte and almond croissant).  See you in the Junction! R+E

Friday, December 3, 2010

Vintage Ornaments

classic black and silver glass $7
plastic fruit fiesta trio $10
large pearly gold glass set of six $35
tiny glass ornaments $4/pack
red&gold glass in package $20
PEARL, yes pearl large glass ornaments $2 each
pink glass $8/bunch

Plus lots and lots more in the store! come by and check it out this weekend, Leah is going to be here!

Thank you for the votes!

Russet and Empire one of the BEST places in the city to buy gifts and I'm pretty sure that it was all of you guys who read the blog, who did the voting! So if you voted for me, come in and I  will give you something. It will probably just be a hug because that's all I can afford!
Here is a video that will make you happy incase you can't make it in for your hug:

Meet the Totem Family

                                    tea cups $87                s+s+p $35
There are a few new additions to the totem family in the store now, on top of the gold tea set, we now have a stacking set of sugar, salt and pepper for your seasoning enjoyment.

Shop Update

Sorry guys, things have been a bit loco around here. Here is a round up of what is happening 'round these parts.

free from me to you!

Jamie Oliver Christmas, with a serious recipe for cranberry brined turkey, Living Etc December issue, the holy grail of Christmas decorating, Marie Claire Idees Christmas, amazing DIY decor, crafts, and it's french with lots of photos and step by step instructions so any anglophone (hmm, spellcheck says that's not a word), anyway any english speaker can make their crafts.


owl and fox $20 each
Stag head jewelry holder $35
Stag key holder $30

There is so much more too see in the store that is new right, but I don't want to blow your mind. Who takes care of you? xoxo R+E