Thursday, January 17, 2013

BIG BIG NEWS (we are closing the shop)

I am pleased to announce that we are officially announcing that I am closing the shop on Keele Street. Don't be glum though! Russet and Empire is staying alive! Being the mother of two businesses (and an actual kid ) is a lot of work for one lady, and with all of the growth and excitement of The Junction Flea and our new screen printing projects, I have decided to close the doors of the shop. Plus running the Flea is basically like running the most fun party ever AND making money, and with more attention I can only imagine what amazing things we can do at the Flea (I already have a few sweet ideas up my sleeves). I will continue to have a booth at the Junction Flea and hopefully be selling online soon.

SO, with that, I need to clear out a bunch of stuff here, therefore a gigantic sale will be starting THIS SATURDAY until the end of the month. Please come by and take some of this stuff off my hands!


Thursday, January 10, 2013