Saturday, April 30, 2011

Canada Party!

So... I have been tipping my toe into the profession that is event planning and I decided to take advantage of a recent birthday and throw a Canadian themed party. Radical doesn't even begin to start describing the night, I stayed up dancing until 4am AND came in to open the shop the next day. Talk about your true patriot love!

We made amazing 'Canadian' masks which were pretty much the hit of the night, ate ketchup chips and butter tarts (those things are both Canadian FYI), and decorated the cake with vintage Canadian flags, which we washed down rye and Canadian Dry. Sick, I know, but we had a theme to stick to!  I am excited to work on some more events that I have coming up and I will be sure to post them up here for your viewing pleasure.

Don't forget about the yard sale next weekend!

Friday, April 29, 2011


What you have all been saving up for!!! Next Saturday (May 7), 10-5 a bunch of us guys in the Junction are cleaning out our closets and setting up tables and selling stuff at yard sale prices! Come and stop by and see what kind of stuff we manage to drag out with a big wad of cash and some reusable shopping bags and be prepared to have your mind blown by bargains! Also, pray for sunshine! Also, feel free to say how much you like the poster....

Be there or be square!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Hours

I hope everyone has a lovely long weekend, eat a peep for me!
We will be closed Good Friday as well as Easter Sunday. Which means that Saturday I will be here as usual, and it's supposed to be 14 degrees.  

Also- keep the weekend of May 7-8th available for now k? And start saving your pennies, trust me.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Lomography Red Scale Film

Remember that redscale lomography film that I used to have in the store and then I sold out of in one hot second? I shot off a roll of it last week. It is only 100 speed so you pretty much have to use it outside exclusively (is what the packaging said), and you know what I said to the packaging? BALDERDASH! I think I will be shooting with this film until it gets hot to give myself a false sense of summer, which means I will be getting some in the shop really soon.  I'll let you know when it comes in buddies, I've got your back.

New MOR Essentials Collection

Emporium Soap Bar $22

These perfect hostess gifts arrived in the shop this weekend. MOR has released a new line called "essentials", which is like the little sister the luxurious "emporium collection" that we also carry. It's the same beautiful ingredients with toned down packaging, making it considerably less expensive. I also tried out a few new scents like honey nectar, which I have burning in the shop right now and it smells like SUMMER TIME. The packaging says sweet Brown Sugar melts into golden Honey Nectar on a base of candied Almonds & warm Vanilla Milk. But I hate that description and I stand by my scent analysis of SUMMER TIME. Thats the great thing about MOR, their products smell lovely and natural and are not overpowering and 'perfumey'. We also received candles in basil grape, and neroli clementine (which sold out in 2 days last time). 

I also indulged and ordered the emporium soap bar in kale watercress because people went bonkers for it last time and it's just so damn pretty - who am I to argue with that?

MOR Essentials Candles $22

So there is my blog post to make up for all of the blog posts that I haven't been doing... Come by and see me this weekend guys, give me a reason to actually take a break for one second and if you bring me something food related I will make it worth your while (wink wink).

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Inspiration

This spring rain is kind of a bummer for traffic in the shop BUT it is not a bummer for catching up on some much needed blogging/blog reading. If you ever wanted to know how to use your vintage finds in a modern application, as well as have children and have a house that isn't all lame and juvenile look no further than the Swedes and their awesome blogs. There are lots and lots to chose from and one of my favourites is Green is the New Black.  If you need inspiration from spring cleaning or anything ever go there.

all images via

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hello Sandwich

If you like my shop/blog, you will LOVE Hello Sandwich. She is a lovely girl from Sydney AUS, living in Tokyo. She has been writing  about the earthquake from Sydney after she evacuated to escape the aftershocks and nuclear situation in Japan, and it has been pretty touching and interesting to read all of her accounts, because it feels like it was written by a friend.  I highly recommend reading THIS blog entry if you want to know what being in Tokyo was like on the day of the quake. OTHERWISE Sandwich produces an awesome zine about paper crafts and gift wrapping amongst other things that I could only dream of doing. The zine is sold out right now, but should be back in stock soon with a portion of the profits are going towards aid in Japan.  I ordered my copy 2 days before the earthquake so I have a feeling I might have to reorder since it has yet to arrive and I can only imagine getting a zine out was not at the top of the list of priorities that week in Japan.

Empty store shelves in Tokyo and friends having a picnic during aftershocks.
Sandwich in action!  All images from Hello Sandwich Blog.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Type Drawer Idea

Typset Drawers $35

Isn't this a nice way to use typeset drawers? I like the idea of not filling them with dusty crap and just admiring them as a sculpture.

I'm really into this back to basics thing right now, and those lovely bedroom lights that look like the lights in the store but in white. Ooooh white on white- you get me every time.