Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vintage Vogue Patterns

Lots more in the store, I've never seen these large format couture patterns before, but I love them. I am going to hang on to the Lanvin one and try and see it I can make a perfect winter dress coat, I'm thinking camel wool.  They are also perfect because they're all patterns of winter time clothing, and all easily translatable and  on trend right now (thanks Mad Men). And don't think I haven't looked at all of the covers for hairstyling ideas.  PUCCI! DIOR! NINA RICCI! (Ignore the Lanvin one because it's mine!).

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Lomos In!

Sexy sexy chrome action sampler!

Love Story

Design sponge has an awesome column called Living In, which takes great movies and then kind of makes a guide on achieving the look in your home/life. This week they featured the movie Love Story, which I have never seen sadly because the post is pretty much the Russet and Empire post. Now when I leave the store tonight I will start downloading the movie and leave it on at the store tomorrow and let you know if it is as perfect as I think it's going to be (it will be I can tell). Besides the obvious plaid scarf, pennant and military inspired bag, this post is giving me some serious ideas. I would kill for that couch. And the glasses!! And that friggin coat!!! Get over to design sponge to check out Amy Merrick's genius post.

It's starting to be a little bit dark when I leave the store at night now... fall is here.  Things are getting exciting here, we received the second half of a SERIOUSLY long lost order (like 3 months ago). I actually cancelled it, but when I got the call that it had been found at long last, I remembered the chiminea candle holders. I think these would be adorable on a dinner table, especially with the cold weather coming. It's been my recent observation that it brings out the host in everyone. I have had a 'Jaws' themed dinner party planned in my head for months (Matt and Erin this means you!), and now that the weather has finally cooled off I'm ready to cook up a storm* and decorate the house accordingly. Somehow these beautiful porcelain chimineas will be incorporated.

* there is actually no cooking involved in a jaws themed dinner party, only sushi. I guess you have to cook the rice...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Schoolyard Studio

So much to my delight Russet and Empire has been the subject of a photo montage!
Schoolyard Studio wrote a little post on us on their blog. Schoolyard is a collaboration between Toronto designers Katy Chan and Hilary Dennis makes the beautiful bibs and onesies we sell  They take special care to ensure they use the most environmentally friendly methods and materials when designing and producing their products. I had to steal their profile photo from their website to show you how cool these girls are.  You may also recognize the bib from a previous post that involved Oscar covered in a lot of yogurt... I really love these bibs, they are definitely my favourite to use at home, way better than those plasticized ones that get that stink (you know that stink).

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MOR Emporium Soap Bars

I first came across MOR while living in Australia at David Jones department store. The line was started by an Australian couple who are both designers who are into perfumery and aromatherapy, which I think is pretty adorable. The scents and ingredients are to die for and any husband who brought one of these darlings home for their wife on his way home from work would surely be getting some action later on!   I really hope that people love this line as much as I do because they have tons of other really nice products that I would like to carry in the store. I think some sort of contest/giveaway is on order.  Let me think...

We're on trend! Grace Bonney says!

Bar Carts

I don't know why I associate cool weather with bar carts but I do, and I like it! I always felt like having a bar in your home was kind of the same as when university kids collected jagermeister bottles and lined them up all over their  apartments, BUT things change. Every time I see one in someone's home or on a blog I am awestruck.  There is something so masculine and sexy about all of the natural materials (wood, glass/crystal, silver),  and you can proudly show off to your friends that you can indeed buy a bottle without finishing it!

Red Canoe Tartan Scarves

This is Mathew modelling the Maple Leaf tartan, which pairs very nicely with a trench coat and messy hair. We also have the New Brunswick & Ontario tartans in the store and I am willing to ask my handsome husband to model those as well if there is any demand. Red Canoe is a company that is based in Toronto and they also make all of the other awesome Canadiana that we carry like the RCAF kit bag and CBC shoulder bags [that just sold out :( ]. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Green is the new black

This blog makes me want to furiously clean my house and shop online for everything scandinavian. i really like how everything is simple and bright but made for family living without being totally cute.

I can't stress how much I am going to copy these lights for my house. I am going to copy the shit out of them!

Sitting Pretty

Things are starting to look quite lovely at the store, if I don't say so myself. Today's post is a bit beautiful and girly, so I think I will do a follow-up post tomorrow of all the manly stuff we've got going on here. Fingers crossed it actually gets done, I will have my assistant Oscar here to help as well so all that may get done is a total mess.

Junction Arts Festival

Slinging hats on the street FROM NINTEEN SIXTY NINE!!

My one and only party photo...

it looks super busy and cool!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Please please prey for NO RAIN this weekend, I had a BRAIN EXPLOSION of an idea for the Junction Arts Festival this weekend. Unfortunately that idea doesn't contain a back-up plan for rain.

In other news I only have 2 crappy photos from my opening party... did anyone take any they could share with me please?

Come visit tomorrow to see what artsy stuff we pull off tonight!

art from here

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I haven't forgotten about you lovies...

Starting a business is serious business. I can't explain how crazy things have been lately... but let's just say that for the next 2 months I will have a full time employee at the store. What's that you say? Oh that's great Micah! If you are so busy surely you need the help! And you are already making so much money that you can afford someone full time, perfecto! Well readers, you may have been thinking that, and I know 'the customer is always right', but sowwwwy, you are wrong. Let's just say my little employee is a bit too young and not very skilled in sales or merchandising...Let's say this employee is a 16 (and a half!) month old boy who likes to pick things up and throw them and craps in a diaper that gets changed in the front window every 3 hours or so.  Ladies and gentlemen, meet my new temp Oscar:
ps- he is wearing a bib by schoolyard studio and we sell them in the store sans yogurt

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Town Crier LOVE

Hi guys! Ch-ch-check me out! I'm an internet sensation! Best official opening week ever!!  EXCLAIMATION MARKS!!!!! 


The Junctioneer blog just did a nice little post on the store.  Check out the article here!
Also, aparently there are photos of the store (and me) in the Town Crier paper, but I can't seem to find one.  Does anyone know where I can get my hands on one so I can send a copy to every single person I know.