Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Princess Diana mini

Princess of my heart anyway...These cameras might just be the thing I am most excited about at the store right now (but there are a tonne of orders coming in this week before the party too!).  I started using this camera on Friday and have since shot four rolls of film that I am about to drop off at walmart , yes I am slightly ashamed that I am not going somewhere cool like west camera.  I'm really excited to see how things turn out with this film.  I brought the camera to a wedding on Saturday and it almost outshone the bride! The awesome thing about analog cameras is now they also burn your photos onto a disk so you can still email everything like digital. These are fine times...

Anabela over at fieldguided just did an amazing post on the super dreamy black and white photos she took with her Diana on a recent trip to Chicago. Check out her  lovely Toronto based blog to see the complete set of photos.

Friday, August 27, 2010

It's like there's a party in my store-and everyone's invited

Did anyone get that? I know, it was brutal...

So after a first week of 'spotty attendance' which is putting it mildly, I am having an official grand opening party this Thursday at the store naturally! I wish that I knew how to screw around with blogger and make my image bigger without blogger's formatting cropping half of it out.  If it's too tiny for you to read here the details are : Thursday Sept 2, 5pm.  Be there or be square code in effect!  In case you didn't know, the store is located at 390 Keele St which is just north of Dundas.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Day Open

I opened the doors to the public which was pretty terrifying, but after the first few customers came in I was pretty pumped up since they were all SUPER lovely and encouraging.  My first official sale was a pack of CP rail 100 year anniversary matches.

Then some little punk came in and started trashing my window dispay that I worked so hard on, so I had to kick him the f out. Some people's kids...

 Andrew and Jovana also ventured up to the Junction the morning (afternoon) after their housewarming party to bring me a beautiful congratulatory bouquet of sunflowers which I forgot to take a photo of naturally. I think the highlight of my day was when Kelly Gadzala came in from Grunge Queen came in and asked me if I would mind if she took a few photos for her blog!!? Are you serious!? I came home after work to check out her blog and she had already written the sweetest review of the store (which was promptly emailed to my mother). So even though it rained ALL day, and I didn't actually have a sign outside directing traffic to the store, I couldn't have asked for a better first day.


2AM Friday

Thank you to Andrew, Iona, Adriana and Mathew for staying up and drinking warm spicy caesars with me until a horrible time in the morning (on a work night!) to help me finish the store. It started off being a blast, but then by 1 I turned into a sucky baby.  You guys must really love me!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


ok, so i know by the time i 'unveil' this blog the store will be open and by the time you get to this post you will be thinking 'i don't give a shit about all this renovation stuff'.  but in the mean-time IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD DUDES.  i need to post this stuff so i can keep on truckin' and look back and think-  wow it looked really horrible before and all of the clothes i ruined, and all the weeks of renovating in the longest heat wave ever (seriously- i'm over it), and all of the times that i have worked for hours and hours and gone home thinking 'i didn't get a gd thing done today'.  it was all worth it.  it's seriously starting to look beautiful. indulge me guys....