Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Huzzah! Shop Online...

OK folks.

If you haven't already heard about Shopcastr now is the time (you're welcome). It's made to promote Toronto's independent retailers, not only is that super cool but the BEST part is that they deliver to any Toronto address for $$$ FIVE DOLLARS $$$. That's like insane. You can find us here.

We're in love.

You can "like" Shopcastr's FB page for promotions and giveaways like this one, Gracie Carroll mentions. 


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cucumber Casaba Candles Mmmmm

I'm burning this in the shop today as a treat to myself. I kind of forgot about how it's the best lightest summertime fragrance ever.  It's the complete opposite of this sick thing:

Feel like singing?

If you are on the path on your way to the Junction for some shopping today, may I suggest this playlist that the shuffle function on my phone came up with this morning? When you are on the path I say its acceptable to have earphones in riiiiiight? DJ iphone knows how to start you off all slow and crooney with this:

Its a good one to warm up your lungs in the morning that's for sure. Now that you are cruising along happily singing,(you can also sing on the path because everyone is whizzing by each other so no one will really notice), move on to this:
I never noticed what a dream that Ray Davies is! Whats with all of the accessories, hubba. So now for the final song, you are probably off the path at this point so maybe turn your volume down (don't but I just probably should condemn that behavior officially) I couldn't ever bring myself to hate you as I'd liiiiiiiiii-iiiike! That's you rolling on Dundas West right now! Aren't you bummed this was only a three song mix?? Have a nice day of shopping guys, see you soon

Friday, July 20, 2012

Best new blog

Awesome People Hanging Out Together
Julie Christie, Ursula Andress and Catherine Deneuve
Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox photographed by Lynn Goldsmith
Lou Reed, Mick Jagger and David Bowie
Michael Caine, Pelé and Sylvester Stallone (pfffffffffff holy smokes those glasses MAN)
Serge Gainsbourg and Ray Charles

Saturday, July 14, 2012


We made these! Screen printed kraft cover moleskin Bonjour notebooks $10!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rachel the intern=shit gets done (finally)

This is Rachel our new intern at the shop. She actually knows how to do thing unlike some people (ahem, me). Now that she has started working things are going to change up in this joint! Starting with this months Junction Flea, Russet & Empire will have a teeny tiny booth selling our in house printed stationary.
 Working here makes you crazy apparently!
 A work in progress...60s Ontario trillium logo note cards in fluoro orange and a little peak at the ochre bonjour!
 A pattern we have been working on for ONLY a decade.  Can anyone guess where it's from? Hint- it's a Canadian institution. If you know this there is a chance we will be getting married.

So in conclusion, Rachel is the best and come to the Junction Flea this weekend. XOXO R&E