Sunday, January 30, 2011

DIY Lamp

Check out this beautiful DIY pendant lamp over at one of my favourite blogs Dos Family. I always see beautiful handmade doilies at markets but I never knew what to do with them... 

image via Dos Family

Junction Nail Salons?

Dear Residents/Patrons of the Junction, 
I have an important question-where do you get your nails done? I can think of at least 3 places that do almost hour long $8 manicures (how the hell does that work even??).  I have always gone to Pearl Nails because it opened when I moved in to the area, and they have a great selection of colours, but they couldn't fit me in last time so I went to Lucy Nails upon the recommendation of my friend Erin (shout out!). It was pretty much the same, cheesy decor, awesome polish selection, and when I requested 'red moons' it sparked a conversation between all of the girls working there and caused a few concerned faces. After one of their regular clients assured them it would 'look cool', they brought out the special nail art polish and went to town. Once I was under the dryer everyone who worked there came to look at my red moons and they were totally pumped for me! I pretty much felt like a celeb by the time I left. All for 13 dollars. I also noticed there is a new nail spot over by Malta Park, how do these places stay in business? Which one is the best?? Help me feed my new addiction!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Window

It's finally finished! My little week long labour of love is complete, so come on down and spend some money on your honey!

Also, there seems to be some mystery heart graffiti on the hydro pole outside of the store that used to be covered in horrible flyers and now is covered in lovely red felt hearts, I wonder who did it?????

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DIY Springtime

The first tiny spring bulbs are out at corner stores now, pretty little beauties like grape hyacinth and mini iris. Leave the bulbs in the crappy plastic container to allow for drainage, and place  it into a vintage tin or vessels for a nice reminder of springtime before you head outside to throw salt all over everything, which will inevitably ruin your nice new boots.... oh brother.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter Hours

Just a heads up, we are now closed on Tuesdays until the spring.
xoxo R+E

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I have a feeling that the blog readers had something to do with this one.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you guys rule.

Snow Days

Finally snow in Toronto... it's making everything so beautiful and easy to photograph but it's wreaking havoc on to floors here!

Who needs Illustrator?

When you have STAMPS! Ha ha to all of you who went to school for design! Valentine's Day crafts are starting at the store! I'd also like your input on something Valentine's Day related- I'm thinking of ideas for a Valentine's Day window, I have one in mind but it might be too crude. Please comment or email me and tell me what you think. I want to make a big sparkle banner that says 'SPEND SOME MONEY ON YOUR HONEY'. Now, I think this is hilarious, and it is along the same lines as my 'something awesome coming soon' banner that I had up, which was a big hit. But on the other hand, it really isn't very romantic... there is something nice about a holiday based on love and romance that I really do like... Do you even celebrate Valentine's Day? We have a tradition of going to Sneaky Dee's for nachos AND wings as kind of a joke. But I have to admit I am already looking forward to it already. Hit me back and let me know what you think!

Feeling Superstitious

There are lots of new items in the store right now, but one theme seems to have been pretty consistent, olde tyme tricks and parlour games! Fortune telling! Palm reading! Shadow puppets (work with me here)! For some reason all of these things sound lovely for a snowy night and some scotch. 

Plus- all of these things are under $10! Good clean fun for cheap, thats what January is all about in my books. I have also posted a video for you about superstition, and it's NOT by Stevie Wonder. Maybe could download this album and listen to it while you are telling your friends fortunes? Although that might take it from good clean fun to dance party...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Camera Time!

 Tower Snappy- an ideal gift for a youngster! Or for yourself if you are smart. I love this baby blue camera more than any other camera I have had in the store so far, not that the other ones are too shabby either...
Brownie Target 620,manufactured in Canada between 1946 and 1952. There are websites dedicated to this camera, and the body is leather for heaven's sake.

Imperial Mark 127, made for Sears in the 60s, with aperture settings for colour and b+w. It's so super cute and small, it looks like just a flash.
Ever heard of the impossible project? Surely you have since you are cool (after all, you are reading this blog <3 <3 ). Polaroids get the party started! And since this is the business edition, people will know that when it comes to partying-you mean business (or biz-nass as it were)!!!!

If anyone is considering buying a vintage camera, but you aren't sure about it because you don't know where to buy film, or get the film developed , try checking online. Thanks to Ryerson University's photography program I have found that there are lots of places downtown that will develop all kinds of film. When it comes to buying the film, it seems that online is the place to go. There are also tutorials for converting 620 film to 120 film, which is widely available even here at R+E. I told you guys I'd be back to blogging today! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cure for the winter/back to work blues

I want to be in this boat. Maybe everyone should consider making a new year's resolution to take a swan ride at centre island this year?

Toronto/city coasters are back in limited stock! I told you guys I was workin like a gherkin today.


I am the worst. I know that the holidays are long over and I should have my shit together by now, but I PROMISE I will be back to blogging by tomorrow. I was cleaned out by Christmas so I have been ordering like a mad man and attempting to create the illusion of stock on the shelves until some stuff comes in. Plus Leah is away again, and daycare was closed for 2 weeks. I know I know-cue violins.... I am going to come in tomorrow morning fresh, sit down at the computer and reply to everyone.
ps-this is what came up when I did an image search of 'the worst'.

pps- new living etc. is in