Thursday, September 9, 2010

I haven't forgotten about you lovies...

Starting a business is serious business. I can't explain how crazy things have been lately... but let's just say that for the next 2 months I will have a full time employee at the store. What's that you say? Oh that's great Micah! If you are so busy surely you need the help! And you are already making so much money that you can afford someone full time, perfecto! Well readers, you may have been thinking that, and I know 'the customer is always right', but sowwwwy, you are wrong. Let's just say my little employee is a bit too young and not very skilled in sales or merchandising...Let's say this employee is a 16 (and a half!) month old boy who likes to pick things up and throw them and craps in a diaper that gets changed in the front window every 3 hours or so.  Ladies and gentlemen, meet my new temp Oscar:
ps- he is wearing a bib by schoolyard studio and we sell them in the store sans yogurt


wakako said...

hi there,

just came across your shop via Kitka design blog. wanted to say congratulations to your shop opening! it's one of my dream to open my own shop too and I am currently working on putting together the online shop so that i can work towards the goal of having the brick and mortar!

wishing the best to your shop:)


Russet and Empire said...

thanks so much wakako, please come by the store and say hi!

Coriander Girl said...

I wish I had an Oscar to help me around the shop. xoxoxo