Sunday, January 30, 2011

Junction Nail Salons?

Dear Residents/Patrons of the Junction, 
I have an important question-where do you get your nails done? I can think of at least 3 places that do almost hour long $8 manicures (how the hell does that work even??).  I have always gone to Pearl Nails because it opened when I moved in to the area, and they have a great selection of colours, but they couldn't fit me in last time so I went to Lucy Nails upon the recommendation of my friend Erin (shout out!). It was pretty much the same, cheesy decor, awesome polish selection, and when I requested 'red moons' it sparked a conversation between all of the girls working there and caused a few concerned faces. After one of their regular clients assured them it would 'look cool', they brought out the special nail art polish and went to town. Once I was under the dryer everyone who worked there came to look at my red moons and they were totally pumped for me! I pretty much felt like a celeb by the time I left. All for 13 dollars. I also noticed there is a new nail spot over by Malta Park, how do these places stay in business? Which one is the best?? Help me feed my new addiction!

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Anonymous said...

i've been to a few as well and they all seem pretty similar to me as well! love the red moons!!! - Emilija