Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Years Resolutions

This post is a double whammy resolution for 2012, #1 it addresses our resolution at Russet & Empire to start making delicious coffee at the shop instead of pretending to be millionaires who spend $10 a day on lattes. This also allows us to own a beautiful Hario pour over ( received as a gift though I happen to know it was purchased in the Junction at Crema ), and Stumptown coffee is available at Lit.
#2 Resolution is to include less shitty iPhone generated photography, and more sexy close up shelter-porn lifestyle photos. That may or may not include editing in instagram/picnik with olde tyme filters. They are still pretty and give me a break ok!    Happy New Year XOXO

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erika said...

Looks good! I'll trade you some photography for some coffee: