Friday, November 23, 2012

Canada Stuff

 First order of biz- go get a copy of this week's the Grid and check out the sweet hoser party. It's legit!
 Second order- new books, all of them about Canadian stuff. The Native Trees of Canada was a super hot seller so we got a nice big shipment of them because if you don't buy this for someone for Christmas you're an a-hole who doesn't appreciate your friend's fine taste this holiday season.

All joking aside, Leanne Sharpton's water colour paintings of the different species of trees are genuinely  beautiful. 
Then there is this book. It's made for Americans and faaaascinating. Did you know that the handles on Canadian beer cases are big enough to fit your hands with mittens on?  
Want more ?! Ok here is a joke-

What do Canadians drink when they're not drinking beer?

Drink whiskey! (then it goes on to actually give you a lesson about the difference between rye and whiskey)

In conclusion this book's got it all. And it's 12 bucks.

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