Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Coriander Girl

$5 bunch!
the lady in question

I did just write a big post and then blogger crashed and erased EVERYTHING. Including photos. But that was kind of awesome because it forced me to go back through the Coriander Girl blog archives for my favourite photos. Alison is the lovely lady behind Coriander Girl, and a major inspiration to me in my business. At Coriander Girl you can purchase a STUNNING bouquet of locally grown flowers. None of that $50 for a bouquet of roses with baby's breath filler that were grown in Peru and sprayed with synthetic rose scent (that is a real thing found at pretty much every corner store). At Coriander Girl, you can bring in your own vessel and Alison will use her expert eye to make you an extra special custom bouquet, or you can drop buy and pick up a $5 premade posie.  The outside of the store looks like it is straight out of a Dickens novel, and the inside isn't too shabby either! I think the pictures speak for themselves, so I will stop gushing now... as long as you promise to check out her blog right now.

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Alder said...

Adorable! Love the mini bouquets!