Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hammer time!

Last Friday I took the GO train to Hamilton to experience the Art Crawl on James St and meet with the lovely ladies of White Elephant, Victoire, and The Arthur. It was like a ladies with businesses and blogs summit complete with beer and mexican food.  My intention was to go to Hamilton and research this awesome crawl that Hollie and Jane write about and steal the idea and bring it to the Junction, take a million photos  of all of the beautiful girls and extra beautiful buildings and architecture, and throw it all together to make a rad blog post/guide to the Hammer . But alas it wasn't to be... on the way there my digital camera broke (RIP), my iphone pooped out, and I had brought my Diana mini, but without flash, and it was night time.

After all that things did work out, I got a few good shots on the Diana, and I am going to flat out steal White Elephant's photos to post up here. I also found out that there is such a thing as a SUPER CRAWL. Which is like Art Crawl but the streets are closed and there are bands and stuff. So I will just have to go back for that, and this time I will bring a camera with a flash and charge my phone first.

The ladies of Victoire
Liz from The Arthur and yours truly

and sorry guys but this was seriously the only photo I could find of you together on your blog
This is Hollie and Jane from White Elephant. These ladies are honestly an inspiration, it seems like they are pretty much bff's with most of Hamilton and now they are moving on to southern Ontario.  I promise to come and visit Hamilton again guys.

Here is a little added bonus guide of the essentials for a trip to Hamilton:
  1. Toronto life, just incase you start to forget your roots
  2. Big army bag to keep all of your supplies in
  3. Small small-size bottle of coke to keep energy levels up, but still stay ladylike
  4. Sunchips, because you have to treat yourself on a train ride and they seem healthier than regular chips
  5. Disposable camera incase your other cameras fail you
  6. Peanutbutter cups-see #4
  7. iPhone for catching up on podcasts on the train, and google maps for when you get to the Hammer. Maybe you could make yourself a Hamilton playlist to listen to while you roam the streets?

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