Saturday, March 12, 2011

Porcelain Peanuts

Peanuts $20 per packet
New to the store for the weekend are these beautiful cast porcelain peanuts by local (like 10 doors up Keele St local) designer Alexx Boisjoli. His website states that his company 'rcboisjoli' is 'The Royal Canadian choice for domestic ceramics' so you can see that we are a natural match. And did you see the packaging!?

On a side note, I headed to Hamilton yesterday to meet up with the ladies of White Elephant, Victoire, and The Arthur. This will definitely require it's own post later on when I can develop the film from the night since my digital camera decided to die, as well as the camera on my phone. Thank goodness for Diana Mini is all I have to say.


Vikki said...

Yellow! :) Found you guys through Love It A Lot (Jane and I were roomies in uni!) and I must say, after going many pages deep on the ol' blog, I'm lovin' you guys! I too am in Toronto (originally a Bluenoser; heading back to NS in the fall) so I can't wait to get up to your store! Two questions: any hope in heck of getting one of those fox tea cups in stock again? and two: have you had the avocado spring rolls at Sneaky Dee's? Ohhh mama! :) Thanks again for the inspiration!


Russet and Empire said...

Hi Vikki! I have 2 fox tea cups in the store right now, but we should be getting the whole set in again soon.

Thanks for the hot tip on avocado spring rolls, I'll bet you any money I will have tried them by the end of the week!

Come by and say hi soon,