Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hello Sandwich

If you like my shop/blog, you will LOVE Hello Sandwich. She is a lovely girl from Sydney AUS, living in Tokyo. She has been writing  about the earthquake from Sydney after she evacuated to escape the aftershocks and nuclear situation in Japan, and it has been pretty touching and interesting to read all of her accounts, because it feels like it was written by a friend.  I highly recommend reading THIS blog entry if you want to know what being in Tokyo was like on the day of the quake. OTHERWISE Sandwich produces an awesome zine about paper crafts and gift wrapping amongst other things that I could only dream of doing. The zine is sold out right now, but should be back in stock soon with a portion of the profits are going towards aid in Japan.  I ordered my copy 2 days before the earthquake so I have a feeling I might have to reorder since it has yet to arrive and I can only imagine getting a zine out was not at the top of the list of priorities that week in Japan.

Empty store shelves in Tokyo and friends having a picnic during aftershocks.
Sandwich in action!  All images from Hello Sandwich Blog.

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