Friday, April 15, 2011

New MOR Essentials Collection

Emporium Soap Bar $22

These perfect hostess gifts arrived in the shop this weekend. MOR has released a new line called "essentials", which is like the little sister the luxurious "emporium collection" that we also carry. It's the same beautiful ingredients with toned down packaging, making it considerably less expensive. I also tried out a few new scents like honey nectar, which I have burning in the shop right now and it smells like SUMMER TIME. The packaging says sweet Brown Sugar melts into golden Honey Nectar on a base of candied Almonds & warm Vanilla Milk. But I hate that description and I stand by my scent analysis of SUMMER TIME. Thats the great thing about MOR, their products smell lovely and natural and are not overpowering and 'perfumey'. We also received candles in basil grape, and neroli clementine (which sold out in 2 days last time). 

I also indulged and ordered the emporium soap bar in kale watercress because people went bonkers for it last time and it's just so damn pretty - who am I to argue with that?

MOR Essentials Candles $22

So there is my blog post to make up for all of the blog posts that I haven't been doing... Come by and see me this weekend guys, give me a reason to actually take a break for one second and if you bring me something food related I will make it worth your while (wink wink).

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