Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Basement Dwelling-let's do it!

OK- I have already posed this conundrum to Jenn Hannotte (you know- my bff and interior design advisor) but I can't even wait for her to email me back-now on to the post of the post. I just came across this video for a benefit for japan and it looked cute so I watched it and now I have opened a whole can of design worms. Firstly there were girls with crowns of flowers in their hair, which is a plus, and then holy shit- the interiors! The party took place at a new bar in Paris called Candelaria, which looks like it is a basement, and now I want to move into a basement and never come out. Also- we need to find a way to move the store down to the basement. We can totally wear flower crowns and drink lychee martinis all day AND night by candle light (because it's a basement).
So- how am I going to incorporate this look into all aspects of my life?

Blossom Party for JAPAN from Hype Vandals on Vimeo.

That Confetti System garland is everywhere, and that logo!  I can feel a diy mirrored candle-fireplace coming on, thats for sure...Send me your suggestions in the comments section please! All photos are from here.

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