Sunday, May 8, 2011

Big News! Jenn Hannotte is in the House

Do you guys remember Jenn Hannotte who blogged about the shop over at Arren Williams? She is also the same lady that I recommend when people ask if I know a good interior designer (that happens a lot). WELL, as of September 1, Jenn and I will be working together to form Russet and Empire Interiors. Go check out her site as well as her recent home profile on The Marion House Book if you want to be inspired or if you were thinking of getting some help with your house but couldn't find the right 'fit' when  hiring someone. If you like the store, you are going to love Jenn. Not only does she have an eagle eye for design, she is also a big fan of craigslist for sourcing vintage furniture, AND she is hilarious. A triple threat of design. Until September Jenn will be available on a part time basis, so if you are having an interior emergency, don't fret we can still help you.
PS- if you checked out her house, it will enrage you to know that it ALWAYS looks like that. I guess thats the whole point....she can do that and you can't. Ms Hannotte is like a pretty design Yoda and you can hire her to teach you young jedi.
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