Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On trade shows...

Yesterday I hit up the Christmas Gift Show, if you can believe it, looking for new ideas, products, and inspiration in general. Sadly most of the booths looked like this*:

And that is just the average, which means there were booths that were worse, MUCH worse. Happily, there were some great booths as well like our buddies at Schoolyard, who won some sort of award that I heard them announce over the loudspeakers ( I don't know what it was for, but considering there are literally THOUSANDS of vendors there, congratulations are in order).  I did manage to find a few nice new things, and all from vendors in the GTA which is nice.

Also, at trade shows you have to prepare like you are going on the amazing race-dress in layers because the air is probably cranked, wear the most comfortable shoes ever (so basically you look like shit while everyone else is all pretty in their heels and pencil skirts), pack healthy snacks because otherwise you are going to pay 4 dollars for a halloween-sized bag of sour cream and onion chips,  bring magazines because you have to ride shuttle buses, and bags with comfortable straps for the 50 pounds of catalogues that you are going to be carrying around for the next 6 hours.

Basically- replace 'city hall' with 'gift show':

See what I do for you guys?  You can thank me later by bringing me a latte and a chocolatine next time you come in, and stay tuned for all of the new stuff thats coming to the shop thanks to this show! You are welcome <3

Also, I will be addressing the Design Crawl this week once I get the photos back from the paper moon, so sit tight.


* so you aren't actually allowed to take pictures at the show and you can't even sneak them because the split second you go near someone's booth, even if you OBVIOUSLY not interested, the sales person is all up in your grill (because that is there job...)  anyway, this is the only picture I dared to take because I am a total puss

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Dale Plotzki said...

Micah, your writing is so awesome!