Thursday, August 25, 2011

Closing Early Today to go to the CNE

Tonight we are shutting 'er down early (5pm) to go to the Canadian National Exhibition. I'm not sure why it is called that , since I think every major city in Canada has one...never the less, it will be my son's first time so there will be lots of petting zoo, kiddie rides and food building and not so much buying awesome junk, beer garden, and going on the Polar Express (that gets capitalized of course!). That will be saved for a separate time.

The polar express is by far my favourite time of the whole year, better than Christmas, better than birthdays. It's like all of the fun of those days, squashed into 2 minutes, or half of a song on virgin radio where a girl is singing about 'taking me higher' with bass deafening you and a guy with 'summer teeth' yelling into a mic about going faster. Like I said, best time of the year.

All of these lovely photos are from here (except the polar express, that is from my heart)

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