Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rachel the intern=shit gets done (finally)

This is Rachel our new intern at the shop. She actually knows how to do thing unlike some people (ahem, me). Now that she has started working things are going to change up in this joint! Starting with this months Junction Flea, Russet & Empire will have a teeny tiny booth selling our in house printed stationary.
 Working here makes you crazy apparently!
 A work in progress...60s Ontario trillium logo note cards in fluoro orange and a little peak at the ochre bonjour!
 A pattern we have been working on for ONLY a decade.  Can anyone guess where it's from? Hint- it's a Canadian institution. If you know this there is a chance we will be getting married.

So in conclusion, Rachel is the best and come to the Junction Flea this weekend. XOXO R&E

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