Sunday, July 22, 2012

Feel like singing?

If you are on the path on your way to the Junction for some shopping today, may I suggest this playlist that the shuffle function on my phone came up with this morning? When you are on the path I say its acceptable to have earphones in riiiiiight? DJ iphone knows how to start you off all slow and crooney with this:

Its a good one to warm up your lungs in the morning that's for sure. Now that you are cruising along happily singing,(you can also sing on the path because everyone is whizzing by each other so no one will really notice), move on to this:
I never noticed what a dream that Ray Davies is! Whats with all of the accessories, hubba. So now for the final song, you are probably off the path at this point so maybe turn your volume down (don't but I just probably should condemn that behavior officially) I couldn't ever bring myself to hate you as I'd liiiiiiiiii-iiiike! That's you rolling on Dundas West right now! Aren't you bummed this was only a three song mix?? Have a nice day of shopping guys, see you soon

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