Sunday, November 14, 2010

Diana Mini

I got my first roll of Diana mini film developed this morning before work. If you are a loser like me, here is a hot tip- Walmart opens at 7am on Sundays so you can get stuff done BEFORE going to work. They also have one hour photo developing and they can burn your photos onto a disk so you have the best of the digital AND analogue worlds.
the fog with double exposure
 plain fog with crap on the lens...

uncropped square photo
double exposure! 
Oscar thought the camera was a toy and was quite upset that I wouldn't give it to him. My next roll   I will be a lot more familiar with the camera, and I think I am going to buy some slide film for cross processing.  I'm really excited for the good times that Diana and I are going to be having. For more Diana inspiration, check out the new Fieldguided shop, chock full of beautiful Toronto-centric shots. I bought the Toronto skyline print, and I adore the Toronto island swan shot with the Diana mini in half frame mode. On a non photographic note, if anyone out there loves me they will buy me the 'thunder in our hearts' tote.

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