Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NEW Moimoi Design Prints

I am extremely excited to announce that we have started carrying Lucky White Squirrel prints from Moimoi Design! 

You might have seen the Lucky White Squirrel Prints at The White Squirrel Cafe by Trinity Bellwoods Park (where the white squirrels live naturally). The White Squirrel prints  are a limited edition set that documents  the albino squirrel phenomenon in Toronto, documenting why it is so lucky to spot a white squirrel.  The first print, a tree network diagram, illustrates the mix of genes it takes to create albino progeny from a pair of squirrels each carrying the recessive gene for albinism. The second, in real numbers, illustrates squirrel for squirrel the 1:20,000 odds that this would occur. 

 It is hard to get full sized photos of the posters that show all of the detail so I have included some close up images.

Lucky White Squirrel Prints $80/set

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