Friday, November 5, 2010

Glitter and Gold

So much is going on in the store right now, lots of new stuff coming in, and a new addition to the Russet and Empire team (the amazing Leah who posted here a while ago). We also OFFICIALLY are carrying magazines now! I just got our first shipment from LMPI; Elle Decoration UK.  I haven't allowed myself to leaf through it yet. We are also carrying prints by moimoi design, I posted about the White Squirrels, but I didn't let you know about the Genius Contstruction print! Embossed and debossed honeycomb pattern with GOLDEN honey.

With all of these new products in the store, I thought I would do a mini-roundup of all the new gold items in the store to brighten up this dreary Friday.

Genius Construction

Limited Edition Prints, $150
Lovely gold necklaces, made in Niagara-on-the-Lake ON. That's a real acorn inside!
Necklaces, $45-$65
Lucky Gold-leafed Horseshoe, $37

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