Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shame shame

How is it possible that someone styled this video professionally? As someone with eyes, and ears for that matter,  I am offended by every part of this video. Pink extensions, the bra/jacket/kilt outfit, the whole dumb plotline.  Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.  I know I have been heavy on the videos lately but you guys like it right? Like movie day at school...Oh!! And the 'Britney get in quick' milk facial guy?? He wasn't even a little bit of a babe! I don't even understand what she is suggesting!?  I get the swearing at the beginning, I think its like in grade 8 when you had that tape by 'the offspring' and they said all those curse words all in a row inc. motherfucker, which was a BIG deal if you were a kid, and I guess that is who here audience is...

I think this is my first blog rant...On a more positive note, I have a meeting tonight for something exciting happening in the Junction this summer! Stay tuned.

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