Friday, June 3, 2011

Torontocentric Picnic

Hello dearest blog readers! Looking forward to the weekend? Me too. Although my weekend probably starts when you are heading back to work. So if you see me out drinking on  Monday night curb your judgement! For my weekend I am planning a trip to the island to have a picnic on the beach (which one is the naked one again? cause I don't want that one) and I am taking a friend who is from out of town. I would like to dazzle him with the best food from the city that can be packed in to a picnic basket and I would like to try and make it distinctly Toronto/Canadian. I know that if you are reading this, then you are probably 'on it' when it comes to what's good in the city, so don't be shy and leave me your comments please!
Some ideas that I had that were good in theory but not in practice were smoked meat from Caplansky's  , which is the most delicious and Canadian thing I can think of, but then I thought, maybe it wouldn't travel well and the bread would get all soggy (hurl).
Next on my dream menu was macarons from Nadege, but they will squash in a heartbeat (BUT maybe I could throw them in tupperware!!!)  OK, maybe these are still in. 
So those are my ideas... also some sort of cocktail component is always good. I say cocktail because the idea of lugging beer bottles around does appeal to me. Leah suggested soju, but she is also a wild woman so by default I am not taking her suggestion. Maybe a couple of cans of Williams Cider? Still heavy but somehow classier than cans of beer right?  What else do you bring to a picnic? I ordered some polaroid film from the impossible project and I am 'borrowing' a camera from the store to shoot some photos because I am the boss and therefore allowed to do such things.  

OK comment away!


Mara said...

Hiiii Micah,
Go to the cheese boutique and get some 5th Town cheeses and wrap them up all nice so they don't melt...they're Canadian, and so yummy.

Mara said...

Grrr, i just realized your post is OLD. Fine, forget the cheese.