Thursday, February 3, 2011

Adventures In Babysitting

Hi Hi. Leah here.

Sooo, the lovely blanket of snow that covered our fair city yesterday has melted into that distinct mélange of dirt, salt and wet sludge that is oh-so Toronto! It's sunny and not too cold, and with the right pair of boots, a perfect day for shopping!    
Speaking of our dear dear metropolis, TORONTO COASTERS are back - get 'em before they all sell out again!

On another note, I redid our sign!        
(I fear for its life with the constant splashes 
of passing cars... so here's a pic...)

So, Micah is off 'til Sunday and I'm babysitting the Empire for a few days but never fear, I've got things under control... for now.
Stay tuned for more fun!

xoxo R&E

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