Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Please excuse us whilst we change

An impromptu idea has turned into a monster here at the shop! So if you stop by today, please excuse the mess, and if you walk by and see me up on a ladder wearing painting clothes, with merchandise piled all over the place and you think to yourself, surely that place must be closed, you would be wrong friend! Open for biznass as usual just don't sue the pants off of me if you trip over a can of paint or something. I also highly recommend listening to Steely Dan today, it's good workin' music.

I also just realized that it is time to take down my beloved 'spend some money on your honey' banner, and I am plum out of ideas for window displays which is a first for me. Any suggestions?


Jenn said...

well, i just learned that dinosaurs had feathers and were basically ugly birds and so something along those lines would probably make a good window display.

we're gonna make a great team!

Coriander Girl said...

Window suggestions? Have you noticed mine has been the same for months!!!! Bad Coriander Girl!!! You're doing just fine sweet lady. What changes are you making to your lovely shop!?

birtch said...

Oh look,
Who did an awesome window??