Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gifts on Film

Silver Glass Lanterns L $56 S $26
There are so many new things in the shop these days like the lovely black wall in the background and the silver glass lanterns that makes me really resent the snow that fell last night because they scream 'back patio on a summer night'. I guess I could trick myself into thinking that they are 'getting cozy on the couch watching the oscars with a wool blanket' lanterns too (pffffft).

Continuing with the theme of candle light, these galvanized candle tins. Going on a picnic and need some candle light?  Tah-dah! 
Galvanized Candle Tin $26

But wait there is more! How on earth are you going to light all of your new candles? Don't worry buddy, I've got you covered.

Oversized Matches $4

There are the some of the 'new' new additions to the store, I will be posting soon about the vintage items soon, trust me, you are going to like it.

Have fun watching the oscars! xoxo

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