Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day (almost)

Last night we hosted a Valentine's dinner for friends of Russet and Empire. Now that I work in retail it feels like Valentine's is as big as Christmas ( I know that is twisted). We had a really fun time and gave me an excuse to a) build a red tent around our dining room table b) make an entirely red menu  c)make garland, one of my favourite things, and d) take these photos to share with the whole interenet.  I highly recommend stopping by your local dollar store and buying a few things to spice up tomorrow night's dinner*

*hot tip- dollarama sells actual brand name 'crazy straw' heart shaped straws!
 crazy straw portait of the love birds

 kanye west stopped by...

beet risotto and french red onion soup with heart shaped crouton

3 different garlands= I had a good week

Happy Valentine's Day Lovies! 

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