Friday, March 23, 2012

Purse Challenger Liz Ikiriko of The Arthur!

Our challenge has been met by friend and fellow vintage business lady Liz Ikiriko who owns The Arthur on College Street (close to Bathurst). She might win because there is video AND comedy components. Blast! We're obviously all very busy today.
Okay, here goes:

In my purse:

1: Custom made Augustine leather & waxed canvas tote/purse that I love with all my heart (and you can buy at the shop!)
2: tape measure. I measure shit allll the time. Like me Grandma did. It’s true – I live like an 80 year old.
3. Rimmel glossy lip gloss. That’s pretty much as ladylike as I get. Lip gloss and mascara. Snoozey, I know.
4. One green pen. For some reason there’s never a freaking normal pen within my reach.
5. Today is The Day day planner. Designed by the stupidly talented Jessica Hische.
6. One black belt. For absolutely no real reason is that in my bag.
7. Cheques cheques cheques.
8. My red canvas velcro wallet. I thought I’d splurge and buy a sweet leather real-lady wallet but then I found this one and it’s the best damn 80’s wallet I’ve ever had.
  • Most days this purse is full of scarves, napkins, mushed muffins in takeout bags and spare underpants for my kids. You just happened to catch me on a day where I’d cleared out the weird crap.
  • And how apt that you should ask me about my purse today when this is what I was watching...(Watch it. Love it. Live it.)

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