Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sweden Part 1

Everything in Sweden is pretty. The end.

Nah, here is part one of the epic buying trip to Sweden. There was a lot of laughing and crawling around basements of charity shops finding awesome stuff, a little bit of staying in fancy hotels, and a teeny bit of crying.  Hakuna matata.

Some may sat it's crazy to fly to Sweden in the winter, but look how pretty it is
And for the record it was way warmer in Gothenburg than it was in Toronto.

Our first night in Sweden we stayed in the nicest hotel I have ever stepped foot in, the First Hotel Avalon (which is a member of Design Hotels so naturally it's perfect).  It was nice to treat ourselves to a bath and a goodnight's sleep before the week of hard work ahead.  We only went out to a bar one time if you can believe it! And we didn't even get drunk I swear! Also, look at the pool on the roof.

I would trade my house for a cardboard box with that chair and lamp inside. A sound decision I say.

This is how I had to work without a computer in a foreign land, with a pen and notebook!

Everyone leaves their bikes unlocked on the street because what dirt bag would want to steal someone else's bike?

More photos and stories to come friends! Someone had better comment on my use of the term hakuna matata or else.

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