Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bye-Bye Flea Market Season

This past weekend I experienced very deep anxiety due to the cold weather approaching, which means, no more outdoor (read awesome) flea markets. I got the whole family up an out of the house by 9, which is pretty late in terms of hard core flea marketers. For me, it was a serious accomplishment. I made a point of trying to take as many photos as I could but then surprise surprise, on my way home I went through my photos and I took a few ok ones. A far cry from 'many'. Matt Hobbs, I know you are reading this, send me some good shots. I also realised that I am pertrified of people seeing me taking photos of there stuff, I feel like they are going to ask me to hand over the camera.


bekkikam said...

Is this Aberfoyle? I feel like I was there the same weekend as you.

Such a cool place. I went with my mom. Wish we had have bumped into I would love to meet Oscar. Adorable!

Love your blog.

Russet and Empire said...

hey bekki! it was aberfoyle, such a bummer its closed... let me know if you get this, i always wonder if people are notified when i reply to a comment..sadly I dont think they do...