Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nuit Blanche

So I didn't get myself a Diana+ which was a bummer because my  digital camera crapped out about 1 hour after I left the house. So I guess they are right when they say the future is analogue...
First things first, fueling up on thai food (and having a two man dance party to 'boom 97.3') to prepare for a late night. Dance party photos are classified.
Then we headed down the street to a much more than two man dance party (which also returned sense of'coolness'). The hosts of the party were clearly thinking ahead because they were serving half espresso/half baileys.

 Look what I spotted on the table! A little lomo octomat camera which we proceeded to have a good time with.

 Then on to the art.

 I had to and I don't regret it
 At 3:30 we tried to stay up to watch Berlin at the AGO, but we got to warm and cozy on their nice leather couches and it was all over. I'm glad to know that Paul and Melissa don't read this blog because they won't see this photo, sorry guys.

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jovana said...

The hosts of that party you went to sound like really sexy, totally hip people. Invite me next time you go over there.