Friday, October 15, 2010


The other day my new friend Anabela and her awesome boyfriend Geoff came by to the store and took a tonne of photos which make the shop look like a dreamland... You might remember Anabela from her b+w Diana+ photos that I posted a while back, or you might know her from her beautiful blog Fieldguided. I pretty much read her blog every day, and I really love the new 'this is where i live' column, which looks into people's amazing apartments in the city. Seeing real homes that are inspirational and refreshing instead of the totally staged ones on some of the big design blogs that make me feel depressed about the state of my dirty laundry situation and overflowing diaper genie is a nice change.

Here are some of the lovely photos that were taken on Anabela and Geoff's visit of the store before I took down the pretty pink window display (and replaced it with the radical orange/wood/gold autumn display).


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Anabela posted these photos b/c I am in love w/those necklaces? do you guys ship orders to the US? I'm pretty broke right now, but I'd be interested in purchasing that clover necklace in about a month...who designs them? and how much are they? I love all of them!

Russet and Empire said...

Hi Megan, please email me at and we can work something out! i hope you get this!