Thursday, October 28, 2010

Employee of the Month?

Hello there,

I'm Leah. I'm new! Today is my first day behind the counter, usually I just loiter near all the beautiful things and bring Micah coffee. Frankly I don't understand how people walk by this place without coming in. Have you seen the display in the front window? It's like an autumn themed birthday party exploded and froze in time! Maybe we should get a mountie (real or stuffed, ew) for out front.

Pssst... acorn necklaces are in (stock, and fashion). The one I bought here last month has remained my favourite piece of jewelery. We also have more 4-leaf clovers, maple keys, and small maple leaves.

Here are things I learned today:

1. Micah has really good music on her iTunes.
2. There are at least 2 bottles of Coralish coloured nail polish back here (just incase).
3. Even on the gloomiest of days it's warm and cozy and lovely in the store.

I am most definitely looking forward to spending more time here... come say Hi to me on Thursdays!
Also, some pretty awesome things are coming up concerning R+E, but it's been a long day and I can't get into it. All I'll say is get excited and keep checking in (virtually AND in person.)

Over and out.

P.S. Here's a video that has nothing to do with anything. I just like it and the little hats on the chicks in it remind me of the vintage paper ones sold here (for only 2$ each! What a steal.)

ps- this is Micah I just got to the store and saw the AMAZING sandwich board that Leah made yestreday while she was watching the store. I hope it never rains and ruins her beautiful work!

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Coriander Girl said...

Amazing! Gotta get there... for realz! Got your message today love, call u tomorrow. xo