Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

For some reason I remember in grade school "Halloween" was spelled "Hallowe'en" .. why is that out of fashion?  I just googled it and I am not making it up, it's a true fact. So I am sitting at home and almost 12:30 on a Saturday night while most people are out dressed as sexy Lobsters (thats an inside joke between you guys and me), and Snookis. YES  I am by myself. YES I have been eating chicken flavoured chips. YES I do have beer in the fridge that I vetoed in favour of ginger ale -it's the champagne of soft drinks. Since I knew I had to stay in alone I thought I would have a one man party. I did my nails, watched Halloween, had a whopping half glass of wine. It was a wild one man party!  While watching the movie I noticed how kids costumes have really changed since the eighties.  Then I came across this website that proves my theory. When I was little I never understood why people who wanted to dress like she-ra would wear a she-ra mask but then wear a plastic  apron with a picture of she-ra that even SAID she-ra.  I don't think thats what she wore, it looked pretty unrealistic to me.   Just wait until you see the frigging awesome costume we got Oscar!
matching plastic pants!
if you are a good friend you will remind me of this for next year
you know that she totally begged to be a pack of salems!
its show time synergy
these two are both flabbergasting
this last image is from a wonderful website called my parents loved halloween. There are some really great olde tyme robots, and lots of bat men there.  The previous images we all from here. Check it out!

Well that was a great Halloween party guys! I'm pooped from all of these good times, see you all tomorrow at the store hopefully!



anabela / fieldguided said...

You're hilarious! Omg tiny child in blackface. So, so wrong.

I had an equally exciting Hallowe'en party at my house! Tons of Gossip Girl. Chuck just met his mom! Oh my god.

Andre Vandal said...

BTW, I'm the child in the last picture dressed as Batman, this was taken in Montreal on Melrose street where I was born. Nice to see my face making the rounds. :)